Suggested Projects

Something that can be released in a weekend. Not a final version, but something to get it in front of people. Maybe you've been coding up a killer app, but need help building a website to announce it. Maybe you have a nasty bug you need help with. Maybe you need some copy written. Maybe you just need a few hours of encouragement. We'll get your project polished up and ready to go.
Bring a project, and get ready to ship it!

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Finish Weekend Holland

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Your best buds will be there.


Productivity needs a plan.

2nd Day

8:00Breakfast and refocus

3:00Show and tell about what we finished

1st Day

8:00 – 8:45Coffee and donuts and getting setup

8:45 – 9:00Official kickoff and announcements of what we intend to finish over the weekend

12:00Food! Feed the brain

6:00More food

Future Events

Heads up. Future @finishweekend events: