Frequently Asked Questions.


Is there food?Yes! We'll provide lots of food and drink. There are also lots of places within walking distance. By registering, you help ensure we have enough.

Where do I sleep?Many people will go home or stay up all night. We will have places you can crash, and hotel rooms available. If you need a place to crash, please contact us.

Is there a program?We have a loose schedule but the goal is to get together to finish things. The program isn't very formal, but full of fun.


Do I need a project?Nope! Just come and help other people finish. You can be a help with whatever skills you have, or simply provide encouragement.

What kind of projects?Anything! Want to launch an app? Create a blog? Write a novel? Rebuild your engine? We don't care, just bring something you want to finish?

Do I have to finish?Well, that's the goal, but we also want to help you finish something. Can you trim out features, or reduce your scope for your first release? Can you release a demo or rough draft? We'll help you get something finished so that you'll have motivation to keep up with it after.